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He may be short in stature, but he had a BIG personality!

He may be short in stature, but he had a BIG personality!

Today is the birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon 23 Born in 1769 and nicknamed ‘the Little Corporal’ due to his  Paris_0_0 Napoleon Bonaparte is regarded as one of the most ruthless and greatest military leaders of all time.  During his reign, he experienced great victories and devastating defeats.    

Napoleon4His policies and practice shaped European politics in the 19th Century, and he had a major impact…

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Samuel Morse - FREE eBook and Audio for August

Samuel Morse – FREE eBook and Audio for August

August is Romance Awareness Month and American Artist Appreciation Month. artist hands pd

The love of art is just like a romance ~


The impact that art has on us individually varies. Art is an incredible way to communicate and without the need for words, we can take in what we see in the most personal way. We are only influenced by the talent of the artist and we have the privilege of determining how…

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Can You Name the Men in this Photograph?

Can You Name the Men in this Photograph?

Can you name the men in this photograph?

If not, then we know we are on the right track in bringing them to your attention, because these men are famous for their contribution in the field of psychology, and deserve to be remembered. Are you interested in psychology?

  • These men pictured had a dream and vision that compelled them to improve the world. They pathed the way in understanding who we are…

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(via Honoring Edith Cavell)
Honoring Edith Cavell

It is offical! British nurse, Edith Cavell, will be featured on a new commemorative £5 coin next year. The Royal Mint will issue a set of coins to commemorate the centenary of World War I.

Cavell Edith PDom

During her work as a nurse in German-occupied Belgium, Edith helped save many lives of the soldiers from both sides.

Her courage and dedication is an inspirational life story this honor is well deserved. She…

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Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi

Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi

To celebrate the birthday of NIKOLA TESLA this week, take this class challenge – find out more about this amazing man and compare his story with that of Guglielmo Marconi! On June 2nd, 1896, radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi applied for the following patent – “Improvements in Transmitting Electrical impulses and Signals, and in Apparatus therefor”.

However, Guglielmo’s patent was not without…

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Teachers and Students - Prepare for 4th of July Celebrations!

Teachers and Students – Prepare for 4th of July Celebrations!

4 July - public domain


Celebrate Independence Day by honoring Amazing Americans. We invite students to meet incredible individuals who contributed to the development of America.

There were many amazing founding fathers and mothers that we can research. We give students the opportunity to read and hear their stories in a personal way – via BioViews®.

Washington avatar   Watch our AVATAR video as George Washingtontalks…

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Aviators Birthdays’ - who are they?

Aviators Birthdays’ – who are they?

These two Amazing Aviators were both born on 1st July. One was born in 1818 and then 54 years later, another incredible aviator was born!

Who were they and what do you know about these two amazing aviators?


Meet Louis Bleriot and Amy Johnson.

Discover the little-known story of Louis Bleriot, the French aviator who was the first man to fly over the English Channel and Amy Johnson, the record…

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Susan B. Anthony - FREE Educational eBook and Audio for July

Susan B. Anthony – FREE Educational eBook and Audio for July

As Americans celebrate 4th of July, we often think of the ‘founding fathers’ who were significant in the shaping of America. But what of the amazing women who selflessly gave up much of their lives for the future of other generations, particularly for the rights of women? Anthony, Susan B. P 001

Susan B. Anthony made astounding contributions to the women’s suffrage movement. Her fight for equality and to abolish…

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June is nearly over - can you answer these past June events & discoveries?

June is nearly over – can you answer these past June events & discoveries?

One day….many years ago…in JUNE….

1742 – Benjamin Franklin put the final touches on something we all use now….

franklin 1

1770 – Captain James Cook discovered what?

Cook 1

1896 – Henry Ford……

ford 1

1927 – The first of a ‘specific’ award was awarded to Charles Lindbergh….

lindbergh 1

1928 – Amelia Earhart did what?

Amelia Earhart

1955 –  Which Walt Disney animated movie was released?


1961 – Which of Elvis song reached #1 in the charts?



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