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(via Columbus and the iPad!)
Columbus and the iPad!

Columbus and the iPad!


 Columbus - Copy

What has the iPad got to do with Christopher Columbus? He has come a long way from exploring new territories, not knowing what he may find! Columbus has ventured into a very different ‘territory’…..that of the iPad!

We are all familiar with this logo now! The amazing iPad! Just about every household has one (or more) and now they are in our classrooms. Here at Amazing People Club we are…

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Marco Polo - FREE eBook and Audio for October

Marco Polo – FREE eBook and Audio for October

swimming pool 1944

“Marco” –  “Polo” –  “Marco” –  “Polo” – children (and adults!) in swimming pools all shouting out in a game of ….. cat and mouse ….. the swimming pool game where one person closes their eyes, shouts out “Marco” and the others reply with “Polo”.  ‘Marco’ has to try to catch those that shout out ‘Polo’.


History states that the explorer, Marco Polo, was lost and he thought he heard his…

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The Corps of Discovery Expedition

The Corps of Discovery Expedition

“I saw the spray arise above the plain like a column of smoke….it began to make a roaring too tremendous to be mistaken for any cause short of the great falls of the Missouri.”

great falls

On June 13 in 1805, explorer Meriwether Lewis arrived at the Great Falls of the Missouri River.

Take students on a trek through the wilderness lands west of the Mississippi with Meriwether Lewison the historical Lewis and…

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Michael Faraday’s Birthday

Michael Faraday’s Birthday

Born on September 22 in 1791, this English scientist, was a man of extraordinary ability.

Although his biggest breakthrough was the invention of the electric motor, his endless pursuit of more knowledge resulted in even further important discoveries in electricity.

S - Faraday, electromagnetic

Join him on his scientific career that spanned over 45 years.  He dedicated his life to widening perceptions and learning more…

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International Literacy Day!
As our youth return to school and Unesco celebrates International Literacy Day on Monday September 8, it is an opportune time to reflect on the importance of educational, scientific and cultural developments.

Basic literacy skills among children and adults are paramount to communities and societies. 


We owe much to some amazing trendsetters, such as Helen Keller and Maria Montessori for their…

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Sojourner Truth - FREE eBook and Audio for September

Sojourner Truth – FREE eBook and Audio for September

Celebrating Women of Achievement Month


Who can we choose, from the thousands of Amazing Women we know, for our latest FREE story? We did not have to dig too deep to decide on this incredible individual.

Showing great courage, resilience and love, our FREE eBook and Audio this month is the heart warming and heroic story of Sojourner Truth.

Sojourner truth-portrait

From the despair of slavery and all its degradation and…

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Maria Montessori’s Birthday

Maria Montessori’s Birthday

Celebrate with us and meet Maria Montessori

Here is yet another amazing story of achievement. Maria was a clever, multi-talented woman whose methods of early childhood education are still applied in Montessori schools world-wide.

montessori and child


Many people do not know that Maria Montessori was actually the first female doctor in Italy. Maria is an inspiring role model for girls as she had to…

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English Teachers - introducing an amazing ELT Reader!

English Teachers – introducing an amazing ELT Reader!

In collaboration with Harper Collins, The Amazing People Club’s fascinating history titles are now available in their Amazing People ELT Readers.

Harper Collins have featured the incredible performer, Ella Fitzgerald. Read how the content is used to captivate the reader and enhance reading ability.

Learning English has never been so diverse and interesting! Dear English Language Learner



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He may be short in stature, but he had a BIG personality!

He may be short in stature, but he had a BIG personality!

Today is the birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon 23 Born in 1769 and nicknamed ‘the Little Corporal’ due to his  Paris_0_0 Napoleon Bonaparte is regarded as one of the most ruthless and greatest military leaders of all time.  During his reign, he experienced great victories and devastating defeats.    

Napoleon4His policies and practice shaped European politics in the 19th Century, and he had a major impact…

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